Welcome to the Ithaca High School Response to Intervention WIKI Site!

We will be building and improving this site throughout the year, so please check back regularly to learn more about RTI and to see what's happening at the High School.


  • New Referral Form: We've shortened and simplified the referral form to make it easier for teachers to refer students, and to enable us to get better information/data on students.
  • Problem Solving Teams: this year we will have two problem solving teams (called AIM Teams, short for Academic Intervention Meeting) to reflect the alphabet splits of A - L, and K - Z. This split is simply a convenient way to divide the student population and also our staff resources. AIM meetings will be held weekly. Each team will review five students per week.
  • Targeted interventions: efforts will be made in AIM meetings to align students' academic problems with effective interventions. To see the existing interventions at Ithaca High School, please check the tab on the sidebar titled STANDARD INTERVENTIONS.
  • Data driven system: Many of the students reviewed in our AIM teams have been "referred" through the D and F lists provided by teachers. School staff may still refer individual students using the AIM Referral Form, which can be found under the FORMS tab on the sidebar.